Pipe Organ

The organ at the Church of Saint Joseph was installed in 1973 by pipe organ consultant Arthur Kurtzman, Jr. and assistant K.C. Marrin. The organ has 23 ranks and 21 stops. The key action is electric. No division of the organ is under expression, that is, enclosed or behind swell shutters. Therefore, all gradations in volume must be achieved through the selection of stops.


Manual I (Great)
Lieblich Gedeckt 16’
Holz Gemshorn 8’
Principal 4’
Gedeckt Pommer 4’
Schweizer Pfeife 2’
Mixture V (1’)
Trumpet 8’

Manual II (Swell)
Gedeckt 8’
Block Flöte 4’
Quinte 2 2/3’
Schwiegel 2’
Terz 1 3/5’
Zimbel III
Trumpet 8’

Manual II to Manual I
Manual I to Pedal
Manual II to Pedal
Crescendo Pedal and Light
Sforzando Button and Light
3 General Combination Pistons
(adjustable, with duplicate toe studs)

Sub Bass 16’
Zart Bass 16’
Octave Bass 8’
Pedal Flöte 8’
Choral Bass 4’
Cornet III (2 2/3’ + 1 3/5’ + 1 1/7’)
Trumpet 8’