Core Values

The Core Values of the Church of Saint Joseph include:

Awareness of God

  • Leads us to a more intimate relationship with God
  • Helps us see what is important in life
  • Inspires us to focus our life in Christ
  • Allows us to see God’s presence in the ordinary events of every day
  • We realize that God is our origin and final home

We believe the Divine Presence is everywhere. – Rule of Saint Benedict 19



  • Helps us discover God in each other
  • Our belonging helps us give expression to joyful times and times of loss
  • Each member is gifted and valuable; and together we form a beautiful mosaic, the Body of Christ

Let all be received as Christ. – Rule of Saint Benedict 53



  • All the baptized are called to holiness of life to full maturity in Christ
  • Leads us to wholeness and health in mind, body, and spirit
  • We reflect the image and likeness of God
  • We grow in the virtues of patience, love, hope, and joy
  • All the sacraments are holy and have the power to sanctify, especially the Eucharist

Let them prefer nothing whatever to Christ.- Rule of Saint Benedict 72.11



  • We strive to be in right relationship with God and neighbor
  • Not an addition or an option, but the core of being Christian
  • To correct wrongs and to bring healing and reconciliation

Let us set out on this way, with the Gospel as our guide.
– Rule of Saint Benedict Prologue 21