Parishioner Responsibilities

Being a member of the Church of Saint Joseph means more than just being officially registered — it is important to also be actively involved in the life of the parish.
Members’ responsibilities include:

  • Attend Mass regularly.  Participate in our liturgies “fully, actively and consciously” by singing the hymns, responding to the acclamations, listening attentively to the readings and the homily, and praying along with the priest during the Eucharistic Prayer.
  • Participate in parish activities and educational opportunities.  The Church of Saint Joseph strives to offer faith formation opportunities for all ages plus spiritual enrichment activities.
  • Practice good stewardship by using God-given gifts to serve our parish.  There are a large number of ministry and leadership opportunities available.  Opportunities for involvement are described in the Sharing the Ministry booklet.
  • Share fairly in the cost of operating our parish by returning a percentage of material blessings. In other words, monetarily contribute a fair share to the Church of Saint Joseph.  Make an annual commitment to offering and consider signing up for electronic offering to ensure regular Sunday offerings.
  • Pray daily