All are welcome to attend Mass and prayer services at the Church of Saint Joseph.  You are also welcome to pray within the church during daytime hours throughout the week. If you find the church doors locked, you may stop by the parish office during business hours to request access to the church.

We welcome new parishioners. To join our parish, please complete a registration form.


Locating the Essentials

  • Where is the parish office located?  When is it open?
  • Where should I park?
  • Is the church handicapped-accessible? 
  • Where are the restrooms in the church located?


Worshiping with Us

We encourage full, active and conscious participation in our liturgies; that is, we invite you to sing the hymns, respond to the acclamations, listen attentively to the readings and the homily, and pray along with the priest during the Eucharistic Prayer. To help you participate more fully, we provide missalettes, song books and worship aids.  The missalette Celebrating the Eucharist, located in the book holders just inside each church entrance, will help you follow the Order of the Mass.  The two songbooks used during our liturgies are stored in the bookshelf located just above the kneeler in front of each pew — the first is the Black Binder and the second is the red hymnal Sacred Song.  Worship aids, usually given to you by a “greeter” as you arrive for a liturgy, may include both sung responses and songs that may not be included in the songbooks.

  • What should I know about receiving Communion?
  • What if I don’t want to receive Communion?
  • Who can receive Communion?
  • If I am not a parishioner and contribute towards the Sunday offering, will it be recorded?
  • Is Mass celebrated every day of the week?
  • What if my child is unruly? 


Observing the Church Interior

  • Where is the Tabernacle located?
  • I see a number of candles that appear to have different purposes.  Can you explain what they are for?
  • What is the square granite structure to the right of the altar?
  • What is stored in the small cabinet on the wall near the baptismal font?
  • What is the significance of the crosses along the walls of the church?
  • May I sit in the balcony during Mass?