At the Church of Saint Joseph, for children who are ages four and five or in kindergarten, the Liturgy of the Word for Children (LOW) is offered during the 10:00 am Mass on scheduled Sundays. The celebration of the Mass is at the heart of the Catholic faith. For Liturgy of the Word, children are dismissed during Mass between the conclusion of the Opening Prayer and the beginning of the First Reading to meet with their catechists in Heritage Hall. They then return to Mass at the time of the Presentation of Gifts to continue participation at Mass with their families.

The primary purpose of dismissing children is to provide them with a focused environment where they are more likely to become conscious, active listeners and responders to the Word of God. Liturgy of the Word for Children is a liturgical experience that opens young people to hear, experience, and respond to the Word of God.

For more information, please contact the Faith Formation office.